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Here’s what some of our customers say about their experience working with Twincraft:

“[We] love working with Twincraft because of the high level of customer service we receive and the partnership that Twincraft provides. The team is always incredibly responsive and ready to jump on a call to solve any issues we face.  The team is trustworthy and understands the real world challenges that we face and is always willing to work with us to find a solution to whatever we are facing.  I also love working with a U.S. manufacturing company!”

Erno Laszlo

“I wanted to say one more time how much I appreciate all the support I got from Twincraft in the development of my soap bar product. You all spoke with me on the phone many times. And promptly answered tons of questions I had via email. From the beginning, when I first approached Twincraft, to the delivery of the bars, I felt well taken care of by smart and friendly people. And the finished bar soap product came out wonderfully.”

River Hugger

“In our 12 years in business, I can’t say that I’ve worked with a more professional crew.  From the sampling, to scheduling, to production and delivery, there was not a single glitch.  That’s a lot to say for 17 different recipes on the first run.  Not a single problem.  We want to give big ‘Thank You’ to Twincraft for working so hard for us.  We are happy to be working with Twincraft Soap and will be ordering again soon. “

k.hall designs

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond. We love Twincraft!”

Up with Paper

“I can say that working with Twincraft on our soaps has been completely seamless. They are quick to respond to our needs and are always willing to modify bases and send samples whenever it is required.  Some of us here had the pleasure of meeting many of the people who work on our account, and we were given a tour of your facilities. Everyone was wonderful and it was great being able to deal with a company who offers transparency as well as high quality products.  We look forward to continuing to build on our relationship and grow our business with you as you expand into creams and lotions.”

Dana Classics

“It’s been great working with you and your have gone above and beyond to work with our Brand dept. and our Regions’ wants and needs. I really love Twincraft’s products and what they represent by being all natural.”

Mary Kay